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narratio (2017) 13’ for orchestra. Commissioned by Ostrava Days 2017. Premiered by Ostrava New Orchestra (conducted by Carl Christian Bettendorf) at Triple Hall, Ostrava, CZ 


Tacit (2017) for violin and viola. Commissioned by andPlay, New York, NY. 

2 0 1 5 (2016) 8’ for Bflat clarinet/bass clarinet, harp, cello. Premiere by ECO ensemble at Hertz Hall, Berkeley, CA 

KUBA (2015) 15’ for tenor saxophone and electronics. Commissioned by James Fusik, Minot, ND. Premiered at World Saxophone Congress, Strasbourg, France 











Shelter (2014) variable duration for varying instruments. Premiered by Concert Black and Tigue as part of permutations092714 at DiMenna Center, New York, NY


Trajectories (2014) variable duration for solo viola. Performed by Garth Knox at Etchings Festival 2014. Premiered by Nils Bultmann at Hertz Hall, Berkeley, CA.

Hemorrhage for String Trio (2014) varying duration for violin, viola, and cello. Released as part of the Ebola Chapbook to benefit Doctors Without Borders. Performed by Hrabba Atladottir (violin), Ellen Ruth Rose (viola), and Leighton Fong (cello). Recorded at Center for New Music and Technology (CNMAT), Berkeley, CA.

Reduction (2014) for bass violin and electronics. Premiered by Richard Worn at Hertz Hall, Berkeley, CA.

exordium (2013) 4’ for orchestra. Commissioned by Ostrava Days 2013. Premiered by Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra (conducted by Petr Kotík) at Philharmonic Hall, Ostrava, CZ 

Diasporas (2013) 15’ for piano, soprano voice, saxophones, crotales and electronics. Commissioned by Color Field Ensemble. Premiered by Color Field Ensemble (featuring Karl Larson) at Constellation, Chicago, IL 

Und wenn du lange in einen Abgrund blickst. . . (2013) 5’ for soprano voice electric guitar  and electronics. Commissioned Ensemble Dal Niente. Premiered by Amanda DeBoer Bartlett and Jesse Langen at The Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL 

Diasporas (2013) 15’ for piano, flute, bass flute, crotales and electronics. Commissioned by Karl Larson. Premiered by ECO Ensemble (featuring Karl Larson) at Hertz Hall, Berkeley, CA

From Nothing . . .  (2012) 9’ - for any number of pitch sustaining instruments. Premiered by Fred Frith and the Mills/UC Berkeley Improvisers at Mills College, Oakland CA. 






WAR PIGS (2011) 7’ - for solo percussionist including voice, 2 wood blocks, crotales, tubular bells, vibraphone, hi-hat, timbales, kick drum, and concert bass drum. Commissioned by Owen Weaver. Premiered by Owen Weaver at The Hartt School, Hartford, CT. 

Decantations III (2011) 30’-45’ - for any number of pitch sustaining instruments, sruti boxes and electronics. Premiered by Color Field Ensemble and the community of Madison, WI at Color Field Festival 2011, Capitol Square, Madison, WI. Performed at Bowling Green New Music Festival 2011. Performed at Minot Modern Festival 2014, Oak Park, Minot ND. Performed as part of Make Music NY Winter 2015 in Astoria, Queens, NY. Performed as part of Make Music NY Winter 2016 in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY.

Walls of Jericho (2011-2013) installation for laptop computer, 22 speakers, and biodegradable sculptures. Collaborative work with sculptor, Adam T. Rush. Walls of Jericho is an installation consisting of several auto-destructive speaker-sculptures that undergo transformative processes through sound, ambient conditions, and time.

Decantations for 5 Voices (2011) 9’ - for 4 soprano voices and 1 mezzo soprano, 2 sruti boxes, rainstick, and electronics. Commissioned by Quince Vocal Ensemble. Premiered at The Gershwin Hotel, New York, NY. Included on Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble’s Realign the Time (2013). 


Siva Ranjani (2010) 5’ - for qanun, rubab, nay and gamelan ensemble. Premiered by the Fellows of the Bang on a Can Summer Institute and Festival 2010 at Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, North Adams, MA

Decantations (2010) 6’30 - for clarinet, bass clarinet, glockenspiel, percussion, electric guitar, piano, cello, contrabass, 2 sruti boxes and electronics. Premiered by the fellows of the Bang on a Can Summer Institute and Festival 2010, under the leadership of Evan Ziporyn (cl) at Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, North Adams, MA

Vinod is the Man on 3rd Ave. (2010) 5’40 - electronic work commissioned by The United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation 2010

Dualities (2009) 9’30 - for two violins and electronics. 

For Kenneth Bruce Gorelick (2009) 11’ - for soprano saxophone and electronics.

Siva Ranjani (2009) 5’06 - for solo violin and electronics. Performed by Yonah Zur.


TRANZ (2008) 5’43 - for laptop computer, analog effects processor, FM broadcaster, speaker array, and 18 portable radios. Commissioned by The Baltimore Museum of Art to coincide with the Franz West retrospective, To Build a House You Start With the Roof. Performed by the composer at Baltimore Museum of Art.


Singularities (2008) 6’30 - for flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, trombone, percussion, piano, synthesizer, violin, and cello. Premiered by Talea Ensemble, Philosophy Hall, Columbia University. European Premiere by Ostravska Banda at Ostrava Days 2009. 

shoegazing (2006) 6’04 - for flute, piccolo, bass clarinet, violin, viola, cello, and electronics. Premiered by counter)induction at Philosophy Hall, Columbia University

Siva Ranjani (2005) 5’43 - for bass clarinet, harmonium, violin, viola, and cello. Premiered by counter)induction at the Yamaha Center, New York City

Worn Grooves (2003) 12’32 - for CD/Tape. Worn Grooves is an algorithmic composition constructed of repeated samples taken from acetate test pressings created by the composer. With successive recurrences the vinyl degrades until it is unable to play. Another version was created using mp3 compression as the degrading process. Created for the Computer Music Center, Columbia University.

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